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Choosing someone to care for your child when you return to work is one of the most challenging decisions to make.  Wondering what to ask when you meet a potential licensed home childcare Provider?

Here are some questions that you can use in your interviews with potential Providers:

  1. How long have you been caring for children in your home?
  2. What training do you receive from the agency? And how often do you have meetings or training sessions (what are the topics?)
  3. What do you like best about being a childcare Providers?
  4. Why do you do this job?
  5. How many children are currently in your home?
  6. How do you communicate with parents during the day when the child is in care?
  7. What progress reports will I receive from you or the agency on my child’s development?
  8. What training and support do you receive from the childcare agency?
  9. If you are sick or on vacation, what is the process for us? (Is there back-up care provided?)
  10. Show me your play area and where the child will eat and nap.
  11. How often do you take the children outdoors to play? Show me where you will take them outdoors.
  12. Show me your regular programming – what type of activities do you engage with the children on a daily basis?
  13. Where do you get ideas for programming?
  14. What do you typically serve children for lunch?
  15. Can you show me your menu plan for the week?
  16. Tell me about the children currently in care (ages, personalities)
  17. How do you handle children that are difficult or don’t get along with each other?
  18. Who else lives in the home? Will they be home when the children are in care?
  19. Do you have pets?
  20. How do you ensure that the home is safe for the children?