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Teaching our children about giving back to others is certainly a topic that can be discussed all year round, but with Thanksgiving almost here, this is typically a time families are in a spirit of giving.

There are many ways we can teach children about being charitable. Whether it’s by getting involved in the community where you live or by making donations, there are valuable lessons to be learned through these actions. It is also a great way to do something as a family.

Here are three simple ways to teach kids about giving back:

  1. Donations: Make some time to go through closets, shelves and toy chests. Select clothing that is no longer needed or books and toys that have been outgrown and find a local organization that could use these items. Another option could be a charitable donation that you make as a family. Perhaps you want to sponsor a child in a war-torn country, or give money to an animal shelter. Whatever you choose to do you will be teaching your child about helping those in need.
  2. Volunteering: There are so many ways you can give of your time as a family. Spend an afternoon sorting at a local food bank, participate in a community clean up, volunteer in a seniors’ home or help an elderly neighbour. Find out what is going on in your community where you may be able to lend a hand. Community involvement not only helps provide a new appreciation for where you live, but it can also teach children that in a community we are all in this together.
  3. Fundraising: Is there a charitable walk you could do together as a family and collect donations for? Perhaps there is a community bake sale you can help out with? Or maybe you can organize a street sale and donate the proceeds to charity? All of these would be wonderful examples for children to learn about raising awareness and helping out for a special cause.

When we educate our children about giving back to others, as well as set the example for them, we are demonstrating the value of being compassionate and showing empathy, as well as teaching them to become kind and considerate adults.