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August is National Family Fun Month, and what perfect way to wind down the summer with your loved ones than by engaging in some fun-filled activities together!

To help you with some ideas of family-friendly things to do, we’ve put together a list of 31 ways you can enjoy Family Fun Month – one idea for each day of August.

1. Have a beach day!
2. Take a road trip.
3. Visit a farmer’s market
4. Go to a museum.
5. Camp in your backyard.
6. Visit the local splash pad.
7. Go bike riding.
8. Build a fort in your living room.
9. Check out events in your community.
10. Go on a scavenger hunt.
11. Visit an art gallery.
12. Do volunteer work as a family.
13. Spend the day at a park.
14. Have a family game night.
15. Enjoy a picnic together.
16. Go swimming.
17. Play miniature golf.
18. Check out an indoor play park.
19. Visit a local farm.
20. Go to the movies.
21. Take a cooking class together.
22. Have a pajama party.
23. Get family portraits taken.
24. Be tourists in your own city.
25. Go bowling.
26. Exploring a hiking trail.
27. Host a family BBQ.
28. Bake together.
29. Go stargazing.
30. Visit a zoo or aquarium.
31. Play hide and seek.

Bonus idea: document your family fun together by creating a scrapbook or family journal so you can look back on the memories you’ve created.

Save this list for ideas of activities you can do together throughout the year. You can even add to the list and make it unique to what your family enjoys, or perhaps even add family traditions that you’ve already established. So whether you do all of these things during the month of August or not, the idea is to make time to connect as a family and have some fun.