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Will you be travelling this holiday season with your children? Here are some stress-reducing strategies to help you and your family with your travels.

  1. Fly as early as possible in the day. It’s your best chance to avoid delays at takeoff and landing.
  2. Travel with a small-size stroller. When traveling with children, minimize. Getting through an airport without a big stroller is unthinkable for some parents, so consider switching out your regular-size stroller for an smaller compact stroller.
  3. Seat kids away from the aisle. It can be dangerous for them as the food and beverage cart passes by, little hands are in treacherous reach of hot coffee or water.
  4. Beware of germs. Bring sanitizer and wipes to clean the tray, armrests and little hands.
  5. Bring surprises. Kids love to unwrap new stuff and a new toy or a special game has more attention-grabbing pull.
  6. Prepare for air pressure. After passing through security, be sure to stock up on enough water for everyone. Have them drink some water right after takeoff and then make sure they start drinking again during the last 30 to 45 minutes of the descent. The swallowing helps with the pressure and gives the added hydrating benefit.
  7. Dress comfortably. Dress your children comfortably in layers and bring some cuddly toys so they can rest during the flight.
  8. Pack just enough. Pack enough essentials for the flight but don’t bring more stuff than you can carry. Make sure you have a hand free for your child.

Happy travelling!

Written by: Cheryl Fillion – Wee Watch Supervisor, Orleans, Ottawa