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Today, May 8th is Child Care Provider Day. In the spirit of Child Care Provider Day, I wanted to share a story of how much a child’s life is influenced by their child care Provider. As an area supervisor of Wee Watch – licensed home child care, I see and hear every day the bond that develops between a Provider and a child/family. However, I have never quite experienced that bond like I did on March 23.

After 12 years of being a home child care Provider with Wee Watch, Kathy retired and moved to Belize. Kathy had been providing care through our Oshawa agency with many of the same families staying with her long term. Susan and Grant registered their daughter Emily with Wee Watch and started care with Kathy when she was only 12 months old.

When Kathy retired, Emily was 11 years old. It was with a heavy heart that we said good bye to our Provider Kathy and to Emily. However, Kathy was not someone Emily was going to let slip away that easily.

We received an email on March 23, from Emily’s mother, to let me know they had just returned from a family vacation. Emily insisted they go on a cruise that would include a stop in Belize so they could visit Kathy. Kathy and Emily were re-united. It just so happened that the day they were re-united, was Emily’s 12th birthday.

I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful testament that is to the full child care circle. It also was a testament to what an important role a child care Provider plays in a child’s life. Kathy will always be a part of Emily and Emily will always be a part of Kathy.

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PHOTO: From left to right Emily’s parents, Susan and Grant, Emily and Emily’s provider Kathy.