About Wee Watch


Since 1984, Wee Watch has been committed to raising the bar for home childcare. Our focus is on providing the highest quality childcare environment. We have a network of 42 Non-Profit Agencies and 1000 homes across Ontario that provide children with loving, stimulating and safe home environments.

Agencies are deeply dedicated to helping families in their communities. All our agencies are licensed by the Ministry of Education, which means parents can be assured that standards for safety and nutrition are met. But we do more than meet standards, we exceed them.

We have learned a lot in our 35 years of operation and we continue to evolve and improve our approach. We believe that each child is unique and in partnership with our parents, we are committed to quality care for all children and their families. Like you, we don’t settle for good enough. Your child is extraordinary and their childcare should be too. Licensed home childcare is the better choice.

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Wee Watch childcare is designed to respond to the needs of each child in care. It is based on the simple premise that private home daycare is the most appropriate form of childcare. The home environment, combined with the small number of children, offers the flexibility and personal attention that is needed to ensure the individual child’s development and well-being. Wee Watch provides a warm, safe and stimulating environment where self-confidence is encouraged and an interest in learning is promoted through play. The Wee Watch approach to childcare is based on our partnerships with parents and Providers. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in every aspect of their child’s care. Wee Watch aims to promote a positive attitude towards childcare, as well as the responsibility and professionalism of Providers.

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Wee Watch was founded by a mom who experienced the challenges of finding and placing her children in a childcare setting. While looking for quality childcare for her own family, she recognized a gap in the market for those looking for care delivered in a home-based environment but with some form of oversight and regulation. After carefully examining the childcare options that were offered in her community, she determined that something different was needed and she founded Wee Watch. The Wee Watch program was developed to strike the important balance of delivering nurturing quality childcare in the home environment with all the benefits of licensed childcare and the addition of educational programming.