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Baby Safety Month

September is National Baby Safety Month and this year’s focus is “Making Baby Safer, Room by Room!” You want your home to be safe and comfortable for you and your baby. It’s where you live, sleep and play.

Home may feel like the safest place in the world, but it’s full of hidden hazards for babies. The goal of “Making Baby Safer, Room by Room!” is to teach parents and child care Providers to become more aware of the items in and around your home which will help create a safe environment for your wee ones to grow and play. It is important that infants are safe and that parents feel safe about the environment their baby is in.

Newborns are pretty tiny to be getting into things around the home so you may not think you need to make many changes to keep them safe.

Here are some of the biggest hidden household dangers for newborns:

  1. The sleep environment
  2. The change table
  3. Bath time
  4. Heavy or breakable objects
  5. Baby furniture in a dangerous spot
  6. Unstable furniture
  7. Adult falls
  8. Fire

For more detailed information on these hidden hazards please visit the link below.

You can also check these links out for information on other possible hazards in your home, tips on how you can help prevent them and safety checklists to help make your home a safer place for your wee ones: