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Best Apps for Parents

Smartphones and iPhones aren’t only for phone calls and texting, they can be used to install applications (apps for short!). Apps can be used to help with time management and planning plus you will have access to cool games and learning opportunities.

Depending on your phone type, you will have access to apps in different locations: Android phones use Google Play and iPhones use the App Store.

  • Intuition+: Mom’s Personal Assistant: This app helps to make a mother’s life easier. It has a very easy to navigate format and it can be synced with your personal calendar. You can’t go wrong with this free app to help organize your day-to-day schedule.
  • BabyBook: This app is for parents who want to capture special moments with their infants. It allows you to take photos and track your child’s growth plus it’s free!
  • ChoreMonster: This app is the new and improved version of a chore chart. Some may call it a bribery tool but sometimes kids like incentives when it comes to chores. This free app is a cool way to get your kids in the helping around the house spirit.
  • Canvsly: This app gives you the opportunity to upload and organize your children’s works of art. It’s free and helps you create a timeline or gallery of their coolest pieces.
  • Baby Connect: This comprehensive baby tracking application helps parent’s record milestones, schedules and much more! With a price tag of $4.99, it seems to be a highly rated resource for parents.

Note: Apps are frequently updated, try to stay up to date with the most recent version to have the newest information available to you.