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Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care System (CWELCC)


Wee Watch is excited that all our licensed childcare agencies across Ontario will be participating in the Canada-Wide Early Learning Child Care System (CWELCC) offering families lower rates effective November 1st, 2022.

For 40 years, we’ve been providing the highest quality childcare in a safe, nurturing home environment.  We focus on the development of your child through our Wee Learn educational program and ensure parents have access to flexible care options.

Through the CWELCC system, we will offer reduced-rate childcare to eligible families and provide the same quality service without compromise.

Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care System CWELCC

How Does CWELCC work?

The Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) plan was announced by the Provincial and Federal Governments on March 28th, 2022 to support families by providing funding for licensed childcare options.  The goal of this funding is to reduce the cost of childcare to parents to an average of $12/day per child by 2025.

The main objective of this program is to make childcare more affordable, accessible, inclusive, and sustainable for eligible children (children under the age of 6).

The plan is also in place to support the childcare industry by improving educator wages, opening more childcare spaces, and ensuring there are quality childcare options available for families that are in need.

The CWELCC system is planned in a phased approach, with eligible families receiving fee reductions that are dependent on the phase and the implementation approach of each individual municipality in Ontario:

Phase 1: Initially, parents received reduced childcare fees via a rebate backdated to April 1st, 2022, for eligible families.

Phase 2: In 2023, base childcare fees will be reduced by 50% for eligible children (under 6).

Phase 3: The final phase, September 2025, licensed childcare fees will be lowered to an average of $12 per day.

We anticipate that the rollout of this program will increase the demand for child care more now than ever and we will do our best to help families find spaces in our daycare homes.

Why Pay More for Childcare? Experience our Difference

Trusted by Parents since 1984 for our expertise, our educational program, and because we set the bar high when it comes to the health, safety, and developmental needs of every child. Wee Watch offers full and part-time care for children six weeks to twelve years of age. The home environment combined with the small number of children offers the flexibility and personal attention that is needed to ensure each child’s development and well-being.

We have a network of 44 Non-Profit Agencies and 1300 homes across Ontario that provide care to over 5800 children in loving, stimulating, and safe home environments. Agencies are deeply dedicated to helping families in their communities. All our agencies are licensed by the Ministry of Education, which means parents can be assured that standards for safety and nutrition are met. But we do more than meet standards, we exceed them. We believe that each child is unique and in partnership with our parents, we are committed to quality care for all children and their families. Licensed child care means peace of mind and now it also means more affordable child care with reduced rates and the same quality we have always delivered.

What does this mean for Providers?

Many Benefits to Partnering with us

Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care System CWELCC

Support from Agency

Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care System CWELCC

Maintain your Independence

(but you won’t be alone)

Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care System CWELCC

Additional Benefits

Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care System CWELCC

Do what you Love!

There has never been a better time to partner with Wee Watch as families are searching for Licensed spaces to access childcare with reduced fees.  Do you have a passion for working with children? Ever thought of running your own home daycare?  You can enjoy a rewarding career and start the process now! There are lots of benefits for new providers and private providers looking to make the switch.

We Value You

For 40 years we have been supporting the professionalism of home childcare Providers. You can maintain your independence and gain a team of childcare experts to support you!

We Provide:

  • Childcare equipment
  • Educational programming
  • Insurance coverage
  • Professional development
  • Potential to access government bonus pay and grants

You Also Get:

  • Back-up care (so you can take time off)
  • We advertise to fill your childcare spaces
  • We make admin easy for you -collect fees and deal with issues