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Friday May 8, 2015 is Child Care Provider Appreciation Day! This day started in 1996 to recognize the ongoing efforts of providers who spend their time caring for children.

Wee Watch is a well-respected, licensed home based child care company. We are trusted for providing quality care consistently year after year. A huge part of our success is thanks to the number of wonderful Wee Watch Providers we have caring for children across Ontario.

Being a child care Provider is not an easy job but it certainly is an important one. Wee Watch Providers are not “babysitters”, they are professionals who are enthusiastic, dedicated to providing a quality child care program, able to work as part of a team, and above all else, put the needs of children first.

Not only do child care Providers dedicate their time to caring for children, they also spend a great deal of their own time planning educational activities, arts and crafts, outings and nutritional meals. Child Care Providers take the time to plan their days because they know that children learn by doing and having fun.

“By applauding the dedication of child care Providers, we remind our communities of the importance of quality child care, and let Providers everywhere know that we recognize and value their important work,” said Linda K. Smith, the host organization of Provider Appreciation Day.
Child care Providers everywhere deserve a huge “THANK YOU” for all of their hard work, dedication, commitment, compassion, and support that they give the children in their care as well as the parents who entrust their children with them.

Here are some ways you and your children could show your Child Care Provider some love and appreciation on this special day just for them.

  1. Say THANK YOU!
  2. Bake them a special treat.
  3. Bring them a coffee.
  4. A handmade thank you card from your child.
  5. Work with your child to create a special gift for their Provider.
  6. Purchase a gift that can be used within her child care program; art supplies, books or a new game or toy.
  7. Purchase a gift geared towards your Providers hobbies.

We encourage parents everywhere to celebrate their child care Providers. Showing your appreciation doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate, just saying “thank you” could make their day.