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Planning activities for the children in your care doesn’t only benefit the children, but can benefit you as a Provider as well as the parents.

Children who are busy, involved and interested are much easier and more fun to be with. Children who are bored are more likely to misbehave. But, you don’t have to schedule every minute of the day. Leave time for children to choose what they want to do. It is important to offer choices to toddlers and preschoolers.

Children learn by doing. Parents like to know that their children are having fun and learning. Be sure to let parents know how much you do with the children.

What Wee Watch Offers

Wee Learn Program: Wee Watch understands that each child is unique and promotes a program of activities suitable for your child. Our “Wee Learn” program has been developed to meet the specific learning needs and stages of development for children from infancy to school age. Our “Wee Learn” program is available to all Wee Watch Providers through several different mediums.

  • Play & Learn Books. Exclusive to Wee Watch, Play & Learn books are a series of booklets that are designed to celebrate a child’s early achievements and further develop their skills in literacy, numeracy and fine motor development.
  • FUNdamental Themes & Worksheets. Using themes is a great way to ensure a wide variety of activities and concepts are introduced to each child. Wee Watch provides monthly themes and corresponding worksheets through our website and can be accessed by Providers using the Provider login.
  • Activity Handbook. The Activity handbook is a valuable resource for Wee Watch Providers to plan and carry out activities for children of all ages and skill levels.
  • Together Wee Can Activities. Wee Watch has a wonderful opportunity to bring all of our homes across Ontario together to participate in activities on certain days, weeks and months. These “Together Wee Can” events are exclusive to Wee Watch. All activities are carefully chosen for their importance to children and the community.

Wee Watch continuously offers support and resources to our Providers to ensure that we are able to offer the best care possible.