Today is Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day! We recognize the commitment, hard work, and dedication of Early Childhood Educator’s and staff that work with young children. The work you do is challenging, meaningful and important not only to us, but to the Providers that you support and the lives of children that you impact. THANK YOU!

In honour of Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day, below are some of our local childcare professionals (Wee Watch Home Visitors) sharing what they love most about their career…


“Being a RECE is not just looking after children but having a helping hand in raising the future generation. I have the joy of seeing the children’s faces light up with a smile and giggle. Being a home visitor is two worlds mixed into one, I can spend time with the children as well as support the provider with any childcare needs, they may have.”

~ Alicia O. – Wee Watch Home Visitor (RECE), Scarborough/Toronto East, ON


“What I love most about being a Home Visitor are all the hats we wear in a day. When I visit a provider, I am a cheerleader and confidant. With the children, I am a playmate and comfort. When I am with my colleagues, I am a team player and organizer. With parents, I am a support and listening ear. There are never two days that are the same, and zero boredom.

I am thankful to be part of the Wee Watch Kanata/Hunt Club team, and the bigger Wee Watch family. Happy ECE Day!”

~Amy R. – Wee Watch Home Visitor, Kanata, ON


“We are Cindy (the short one) & Pamela (the tall one). We have been Home Visitors in Barrie & surrounding area for many years and couldn’t imagine working for a better company!  We are so fortunate to have such an amazing team of childcare Providers and it’s so rewarding to be part of their journey, supporting them along the way, while watching little ones learn and grow. This picture truly depicts how we roll here!  We are a Wee Watch family, with our supervisor Cathy, and our other Home Visitors, Brittany & Rosie. We support each other and work to create a welcoming environment for everyone! ”          ~Cindy & Pamela – Wee Watch Home Visitors (RECE), Barrie, ON


“I joined Wee Watch in July of 2021 when the world was going through enormous change, and I needed change as well.  My career as a Home Visitor with Wee Watch Orleans has been amazing.  I have opportunities to share some of the knowledge and experience I have gained working in the childcare field for 22 years as well I can work at my own pace and keep my own health care needs in check.  I cannot remember the last time I felt so valued by my employer, recognized for every little thing I accomplish and encouraged to be the best me.  Wee Watch is an amazing organization to be with and to represent out in the community.”

~ Laurie G. – Wee Watch Home Visitor (RECE), Orleans, ON


“I love being a Home Visitor! It fills my cup to see the smiles on the Providers faces when they welcome me into their home. I love it when the children are excited to see me and what book/activity I have brought to share with them during our visit. I enjoy being able to support our Providers in whatever they need.”

~Terry – Wee Watch Home Visitor (RECE), Hamilton, ON



“I love the relationships that I have developed during my time as home visitor.  Watching the children grow from tiny babies into capable, happy school age children and being able to participate in their growth along the way is very special.  I enjoy helping and mentoring providers to be able to do their jobs even better.  Its wonderful to hear from parents about how special our providers are and how much their children benefit from being part of Wee Watch.”

~ Karen E.  – Wee Watch Home Visitor (RECE), Scarborough/Toronto East, ON


“Working with children has always been a passion of mine. It reminds me how amazing and exciting the world can be. As a HV I have the opportunity to observe, interact, PLAY, and nurture children of different ages. I ask, what other job encourages you to play? Everyday is an exciting experience, will today be the day I take the role of a mother comforting a teething baby or will I be a construction worker pushing a truck on the carpet to the block tower that was built? Will I build a fort where children can rest and read a story? My role as HV allows me to play and capture those magical moments where learning is happening. As well as working with children, I have the honour of educating and supporting other caregivers, my Providers. As a HV I work within a team of amazing people, from the office staff to Providers. People who work together, support, and respect each other. Everyday, I am greeted with a smile by wonderful people who welcome me into their homes. I have built relationships with each Provider and together we share in the children’s experiences, see them grow, learn, and develop under our care. As a HV I end each day with the feeling of being valued and appreciated.”

~Kristina C. – Wee Watch Home Visitor (RECE), Stoney Creek, ON


“I love what I do because I get to share in all the joys and learning experiences along side the providers and children.  Still being able to be a co-learner and being included makes all my visit’s great days.”

~ Kathleen D. – Wee Watch Home Visitor (RECE), Hamilton, ON



If you are interested in joining our Wee Watch team of childcare Providers, Home Visitors (RECE) or looking for quality licensed home childcare, contact your local  Wee Watch agency.