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Father’s Day is right around the corner, THIS WEEKEND!

How will you and your little one be celebrating dad on Sunday? If you haven’t found the perfect Father’s Day gift, nothing warms the heart more than a handmade gift.

Check out these handmade gifts for dad:

Racetrack T-Shirt: This t-shirt idea is genius; kids get to play with cars and dad gets to lay down and get a race car massage.

“Dad’s Stache Jar: For the dad that likes his snacks, fill a special jar with dad’s favourite treats, print the label “Dad’s Stache” and tie a bow around it.

Edible Tackle Box: A fun gift for the fisherman dad, buy a clear plastic tackle box and have children help pick out edible fish themed treats.

Lego Cufflinks: These Lego cufflinks are a nice touch for the dad that likes to build things.

Decorated Golf Balls: Golf balls coloured by children is a fun and colourful gift for the dad who loves to golf. These personalized golf balls are sure to improve his game.

Personalized Mug:  Have children decorate a mug for dad, great gift for the coffee-drinking dad. Drinking coffee out of his personalized mug will bring a smile to his face every morning.

Hand Print Gifts: Children feel such pride when they make someone a special gift all on their own. Check out some handprint gift ideas the little ones can make for dad.