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We’re here to answer any questions you have about becoming a childcare provider with us.

The Ministry of Education provides a license to operate a childcare business to childcare centers or Home Childcare Agencies.  In order to receive the license, the Center or Agency must demonstrate that they have policies and procedures that adhere to all regulations set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA). Individual Providers cannot be licensed, but instead are contracted by Home childcare Agencies like Wee Watch to provide care that adheres to all regulations. Agencies undergo regular monitoring by Ministry representatives and must be relicensed each year.

Being a partner with Wee Watch means as a Provider, you have the qualifications that meet the MOE standards in childcare and are recognized as a professional who is trained and follows the safety and educational standards for home childcare.

Additional benefits of working with a licensed Agency include:

  • Support of an Agency team to find children for your home, collect parent fees, train and support you
  • Childcare equipment and educational programming is provided for you to use
  • Back-up care is offered (so you can take vacation or sick days)
  • May be eligible for additional pay through Government grants
  • May be eligible to provide care for subsidized families
  • Insurance coverage

With the support and direction from an Agency Supervisor and RECE Home Visitor, a Wee Watch Provider is the primary caregiver responsible to ensure a high-quality child care program that is stimulating, safe and enjoyable for children.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • With the assistance of the RECE Home Visitor, able to plan, organize and deliver fun daily educational and recreational activities following the Wee Watch child care program guidelines and standards
  • Provide lunch and snacks
  • Complete administrative tasks in a timely manner (e.g. incident/accident reports, timesheets. logbook)
  • Maintain a safe, hygienic and tidy program space according to Wee Watch system standards
  • Respond to an accident or emergency situation following Wee Watch procedures, while maintaining calm and control with the other children in care
  • Adhere to, and follow Wee Watch programs, services, Policies & Procedures, Confidentiality Guidelines, and Health and Safety Standards

Experience working with infants and children, or having your own children is preferred but is not a requirement.

Skills & Abilities Wee Watch Looks For:

  • Loves to work with children and understands that child care is more than just babysitting
  • Enjoys being able to stay at home and be self-employed
  • Presents themselves in a professional and courteous manner to parents and children
  • Able to communicate with parents and agency staff confidently
  • Can multitask but also focus their attention to the needs and wellbeing of children in care
  • Has a current Standard First Aid / CPR-C from an accredited organization or willing to get one
  • Submit or agree to a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check
  • Willing to accommodate care for up to 6 children in own home – with a maximum of 3 under the age of 2, including their own children under the age of 4
  • Must be minimum 21 years of age

Hours of operation vary according to the needs of parents in your community and the hours you are willing to operate your home.  Many homes operate Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, some offer before and after school and others are open evenings, weekends and overnights. The Agency Supervisor will discuss your preferences when you speak.

Our Providers have less worries knowing there are procedures in place to help them. The Wee Watch team is there to support our Providers in those unexpected situations.  If there is a childcare emergency, the agency will be there to help you manage it. If you become ill or need time off, the agency will organize the parents and arrange back-up for the children in your care.

Providers are contracted and have the benefits of being an independent business but are paid by the Agency every 2 weeks for children in care. They also receive statutory holiday pay and may qualify to receive additional pay from a government wage enhancement fund of up to $20 per day

As a contracted partner with Wee Watch, you are running your own business from your home and are “self-employed”. This means you are able to claim a tax deduction on some business expenses such as food, toys, supplies, car expenses, and many household items. You can also deduct expenses associated with your home (rent, property tax, mortgage interest, utilities, house insurance and more). These expenses help to lower your taxes / gain more net income and contributes towards your Old Age Security pension eligibility

Home daycare providers are considered self-employed, which means you must declare earnings, but you can also deduct business-related expenses such as food and supplies. You can also deduct part of the costs of running a home, such as utilities, property tax and interest on your mortgage.