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The Ministry of Education provides a license to operate a childcare business to childcare centers or Home Childcare Agencies. In order to receive the license, the Center or Agency must demonstrate that they have policies and procedures that adhere to all regulations set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA). Individual Providers cannot be licensed, but instead are contracted by Home childcare Agencies like Wee Watch to provide care that adheres to all regulations. Agencies undergo regular monitoring by Ministry representatives and must be relicensed each year.

Licenced Home childcare has all the benefits of a daycare centre and more in a nurturing home environment. Licensed home childcare has many advantages over the daycare setting, including:

  • Familiar home environment for children,
  • Small numbers of children in care (max 6 and no more than 3 under 3 years of age), allowing for more individualized attention
  • Peace of mind knowing your Provider and their whole family has been screened (medical and criminal)
  • Providers are trained and supported by a Registered Childcare educator and participate in 10 hours a year of professional development
  • Oversight of the home is comprehensive, Wee Watch Home Visitors see each child every month at minimum and ensure that all policies and procures and safety measures are being implemented in the home. The Ministry of Education requires a Home Visitor to observe a Provider and review her home every 3 months, Wee Watch does this every single month to give parents even more peace of mind
  • Wee Watch also provides comprehensive educational programming (link to Educational Programing page) for children of all ages and stages
  • Back-up care with another Wee Watch Provider is also offered to parents if the Provider is off sick or on vacation

There are many advantages to having your child in licensed home childcare, the most important being your peace of mind. When a Provider is affiliated with a licensed agency like us, you know that they have gone through a rigorous screening process that includes; interviews, site visits, reference checks, criminal checks, medical checks (for them and any adult children living in the home). Once through our screening process, they attend a training program, have support to set-up their home and play areas and participate in ongoing training. They have the support of an RECE and Agency Supervisor at all times and are provided with childcare equipment and programming materials. Our Home Visitors also do an unscheduled visit monthly to ensure that they are following all Wee Watch and Ministry of Education regulations. Unlicensed Providers will not go through any of this screening and training. It would be the responsibility of the parent to screen the Provider fully and ensure they have proper insurance. There is no oversight or supervision of the Provider unless by the parent. Finally, there are financial benefits as well such as receiving a tax receipt for childcare fees

The first step is to complete an application for childcare on our site. The local Wee Watch Agency will review your application to understand the needs of you and your child specifically. They will contact you to discuss what your preferences are in a childcare Provider. The Agency will then set up interviews with available Providers in your area. Parents will visit the homes of the Providers to meet them and determine fit. We encourage you to bring your child along to these meetings. The choice of Provider is made by parents and Providers, not by the Agency.

Childcare rates vary according to the location where childcare is being delivered. Visit our Location page to find the Wee Watch agency in your community. The rates for each Agency can be found on their page.

Yes, Wee Watch Agencies are licensed by the Ministry of Education and work with local Subsidy offices to offer care in our homes. Note: the only exceptions to this are in the City of Toronto, Guelph, Lanark County, and  Renfrew, all other Agencies in the GTA and other parts of Ontario do have subsidy arrangements. Contact your local Wee Watch agency for full information