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I can’t believe summer is almost over, which marks the beginning of a new school year for some and getting back into daily routines and schedules. Parents and children have been enjoying the break from their usually busy schedule and have welcomed the more relaxed schedule of summer.

Some people embrace the thought of getting back into a regular routine, knowing what’s coming next makes life a little easier sometimes, while other people dread the thought of getting back to the usual daily grind.

Summer usually means irregular schedules, travelling, a lot of outdoor play and lots of visiting with family and friends. Even though children may be exhausted by the end of summer, it doesn’t seem to make transitioning back into regular daily routines any easier, that’s why it is important to start early and ease them into it gently.

Here are a few tips that may help with the transition:

  1. Start early: Start implementing small changes into daily routines each day. Start going to bed a little earlier each night, get up a little earlier each morning, increasing the times by 15 minutes every couple days will help little bodies and attitudes adjust.
  2. Prepare your children for the change: Talk to your child about the new schedule and the routines that will change and when. Let them know how the day will go and what they should expect.
  3. Re-establish bedtime: Sometimes during the summer when days are longer, we tend to let bedtimes and routines slide a little. Create a soothing ritual that helps them unwind and ease into an earlier bedtime. Getting children back into a consistent sleep schedule will ensure they are well rested.
  4. Talk to your children: Allow children to talk about and express the feelings they may be experiencing, they may feel angry, disappointed, excited etc.

Preparing ahead of time will ensure that your children have the smoothest transition whether they are starting school, heading back to school or just getting back into their daily routines and heading to daycare.