September 19-23 is Hunger Awareness Week. Hunger Awareness Week is about raising awareness of the solvable problem of hunger in Canada.

Hunger Facts:

  • Over 850,000 Canadians use a food bank each month.
  • 1 in 6 households accessing food banks are working and still can’t make ends meet.
  • 150,000 Canadians in rural communities rely on a food bank.
  • Almost 50% of households accessing food banks are families with children.

Why is there hunger in Canada?

Too many Canadians do not have enough income to pay for rent, bills, clothing for growing children, transportation, medication – and food. Unfortunately food is one of the most flexible household expenses, and it is often nutrition that suffers when money is tight.

How can we help reduce hunger in Canada?

How Wee Watch is helping hunger in Canada.

Wee Watch promotes a wonderful opportunity to bring all of our homes across Ontario together to participate in themed activities and events on certain days, weeks and months. These “Together Wee Can” events are exclusive to Wee Watch. All activities are carefully chosen for their importance to children and their community.

This year’s theme is “Together Wee Can Taste The World”, which is an exploration of countries around the world with a focus on food. Part of our Together Wee Can program this month is hosting a food drive. Thanksgiving is just around the corner so it is a great time of year to be thankful for what we have and reach out and help those who are in need.

Wee Watch Providers have resources to help them host a unique food drive that would help get their friends and neighbours in the giving mood. They also have the following Food Drive Donation List; in hopes of receiving some urgently needed food and household items.

All food donations are appreciated but there are some food and household items that are urgently needed.

Top 5 needed food items:

  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Beans in sauce
  3. Canned Fish
  4. Canned Fruit
  5. Cold Cereal

Food and Household items that are urgently needed:


If you wish to make any food donations in your area, please note that all food and household donations can be dropped off at your local Food Bank, grocery store, or fire department.