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Often when we think of being active, we think of being outdoors. During winter months, freezing temperatures, wind chill, snowstorms and freezing rain make getting outdoors difficult.

When you are stuck indoors it is easy to get stuck in a routine of television watching, video games and playing on tablets, but these sedentary habits can be harmful in physical and developmental ways.

Here are some great ways to keep kids moving this winter, even when the harsh weather keeps you indoors:

  1. Simon Says. One player takes the role of “Simon” and the rest of the players do what Simon says, Ex: “Simon says pat your head”.
  2. Build a Fort. Get some blankets and remove the cushions from the couch and build a fort.
  3. Play ACTIVE Video Games. Video games like Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect allow you to play video games but also keep your body moving.
  4. Yoga for Kids. The ancient art of yoga is great for the mind and body, for adults as well as kids. In fact, it is awesome for kids as it promotes neuromuscular development, improves body awareness, and offers basic stretching advantages.
  5. Dance break. Put a favourite song on and just dance around.
  6. Using masking tape or painters tape mark the grid on the carpet and use a rolled up sock as the marker. Hop through the grid missing the square with the marker on the way to the top and pick it up on the way back down the hopscotch grid.
  7. Musical Chairs. Set up chairs in a circle– one less chair than players. Play music and have children dance around the chairs in a circle. When the music stops everyone must sit in a chair, whoever doesn’t get a chair is out. Remove one chair each round to eliminate players.
  8. Plan a Scavenger hunt. Create your own list of items to search for indoors or use a pre-made template
  9. Create an Obstacle Course. Use items around your home to create a fun but safe obstacle course for children tomaneuverer their way through.
  10. Active Dice. Make some active dice. Children roll the dice and then have to complete the activity they roll. Here is a template to start, then try and create your own Active Dice