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Should this bother me?

Does this happen to you? You drop your son off at daycare and he’s so eager to go play that he doesn’t bother to say goodbye or give you a kiss.

We often hear about children getting upset when their parents drop them off at daycare. What you hear about less frequently is the separation anxiety parents feel when a child doesn’t seem to care that they are leaving, or if they have to remind their child to give them a kiss or a hug.

Ask most parents whose children squawk and cause a ruckus upon drop-off – they’d much rather have a child who bounded into the daycare gleefully without any fuss.

The Wee Watch Home Childcare Approach

At Wee Watch, we train our home childcare Providers on how to help parents effectively handle when their child is upset about them leaving.  In simplest terms, always say goodbye and don’t drag out your farewells.

On the flip side, for parents who get upset that their son or daughter doesn’t seem bothered by being dropped off… as we see plenty of happy children every day who are delighted to be at their Wee Watch daycare …  here’s what we suggest.

As a parent, you can ask for a kiss and hug and say your goodbye’s before you take your child into the childcare Provider’s home. That way you get the chance to feel connected with your child before they get distracted by the toys and activity of their home daycare.