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Since 1984, Wee Watch has proved to be an exceptional, trusted, licensed child care organization.
We are proud to provide licensed home child care services for families in Stoney Creek. As the growth of the region continues, we are situated geographically to Provider home child care over the upper and lower escarpment from East Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Winona, Grimsby, Binbrook, Hannon, Mount Hope and Caledonia. Great access from major highways run through areas within our boundaries that make it easier for commuting.

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Aline and her spouse Dave run the daycare together. Aline has been with us for many years and Dave is her backup Provider. Aline is very organized and enjoys teaching the children. She is bi-lingual in English and French and likes to incorporate this into her daily lessons. For example, if they are learning their colours they would learn them in English and then in French as well. Aline likes to do structured crafts and activities with the children to help improve their skill sets. Dave is so much fun! He likes to spend his time playing with the children and helps Aline wherever needed. She runs her daycare out of her basement in three different rooms. Aline likes to keep around four children varying in ages under four.

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Wendy has been with the Wee Watch for 12 years. She started doing daycare when her second son was born, she wanted to stay home with her kids and use her ECE certification. When she started, she thought it would be for only a few years while her children were young; but now, she can’t see herself doing anything else. Wendy enjoys being self-employed, setting her own hours, planning the activities; but mostly, the connection with the children and their families. She loves nature and science and is always doing special activities with her children.

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Jaime has been with the Wee Watch Stoney Creek agency for over ten years. She originally called the agency for daycare for her son so that she could go back to school for her ECE. She ended up opening her daycare through Wee Watch. She was able to stay home with her own children and help others. Jaime is a mother of three children and a grandmother of three. Her interaction with the daycare children is fantastic! She lets them help plan the menu, activities and trips. She makes the children feel that they belong, as she has pictures framed on her wall of all the children she has watched over the years.

wee watch parent care hamilton east profile mediha

Madiha is newer with Wee Watch but is very rapidly becoming one of our top Providers based on the reviews she gets! She comes to us as a mother of school-age twins and has a lot of experience with young children. She does a lot of different learning activities with her children to help improve their skill sets. She is mild-mannered but has a very kind and caring personality type and is very motherly. Madiha has a lovely space in the Rapids Parkway area and intends to eventually have a full house of six children under the age of four

wee watch parent care hamilton east profile pascale

Pascale has been with us for nearly three years and is one of our most talented and popular Providers. Pascale has a history of working with children in daycares previously. She is also bi-lingual in English and French and likes to incorporate that into her daycare. Pascale believes in learning through play and always working one-on-one and as a group with the children to improve their skill sets. She does a lot of different activities on a regular basis with the children and is a great communicator. She also has a young son of her own. Pascale intends to eventually have a full house of six children.


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Parents and childcare Providers have been choosing Wee Watch, a licensed home childcare agency for 35 years because they know that we have the best interest of children at heart. From ensuring safe homes to our much loved Wee Learn educational programs and experienced, professional support, Wee Watch has been a trusted and reliable childcare partner.

Parents, Providers and Children love our educational programming – it sets us apart from other home childcare options. Our Wee Learn and Together Wee Can programming are designed by a childcare expert and delivered to every child in our program. All our educational materials are tailored to meet the learning needs of each child. From infants and toddlers up to school agers, our curriculum encourages learning through play!

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The Provincial government has signed a new Daycare deal, making childcare more affordable to parents, and that deal requires parents to select a licensed daycare solution, like ours!  Not all licensed offerings are equal – we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of care.  Affordable should not mean your child doesn’t experience the best.  Learn more about why Wee Watch has been the choice of parents since 1984!

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We are excited to announce, Wee Watch Hamilton East – Stoney Creek has recently moved into a new office space on King Street in Stoney Creek!



“I appreciate everything. Our provider has been amazing.  I noticed a huge change in my daughter’s personality, I believe that is because of the relationship she created in her home!  Her and her daughters have treated her like a third daughter and sister!  Thank you again for everything!”



“I would like to thank you Wee Watch and all your Providers for opening your doors during this pandemic and opening your home to us essential workers. Special shout out to Stephanie for taking care of my son in this critical time so me and my husband can work. Thank you so much you are really appreciated!”



“Rhiannon is so much more than my “childcare Provider”. My son spends a large portion of his time with her and her family, and they have become part of ours. She is helping to shape the man he will one day become, and I can’t imagine doing it without her.”



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