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Since 1984, Wee Watch has proved to be an exceptional, trusted, licensed child care organization.
We are proud to provide licensed home child care services for families in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls.

As a licensed private home child care agency recognized across Ontario, you will find peace of mind in the small number of children in our homes, the flexibility and personal attention you and your child receives from our qualified, caring and trusted Providers.

Wee Watch offers full time and part-time care for children six weeks to 12 years of age.



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Kaitland joined Wee Watch in May, 2019. Kaitland has an amazing space, recently renovated, in her basement for the children to develop, learn and grow. With her many innovative ideas, she is constantly empowering her children to be the best that they can be. Arts and crafts, playing and exploring the outdoors, planning creative and educational activities on a regular basis, Kaitland’s childcare is a home away from home for the children who are so fortunate to be in her care. We are so lucky to have her as a part of our Wee Watch family!

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Madiha is newer with Wee Watch but is very rapidly becoming one of our top Providers based on the reviews she gets! She comes to us as a mother of school-age twins and has a lot of experience with young children. She does a lot of different learning activities with her children to help improve their skill sets. She is mild-mannered but has a very kind and caring personality type and is very motherly. Madiha has a lovely space in the Rapids Parkway area and intends to eventually have a full house of six children under the age of four.

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Provider Uzma has been with Wee Watch Nepean since September 2011. Uzma has such a calm demeanour with the children, they just gravitate to her. Her new play space was purposely designed to enrich her daycare, and indeed it does! It’s always fun to visit her home and see what her group is up to. She gives them the freedom to choose what they want to play with and they take it from there. Uzma lets them use their imagination and create their own experiences. She may add to the learning, but she doesn’t control it.


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Parents and childcare Providers have been choosing Wee Watch, a licensed home childcare agency for 35 years because they know that we have the best interest of children at heart. From ensuring safe homes to our much loved Wee Learn educational programs and experienced, professional support, Wee Watch has been a trusted and reliable childcare partner.

Parents, Providers and Children love our educational programming – it sets us apart from other home childcare options. Our Wee Learn and Together Wee Can programming are designed by a childcare expert and delivered to every child in our program. All our educational materials are tailored to meet the learning needs of each child. From infants and toddlers up to school agers, our curriculum encourages learning through play!

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Educational Curriculum

Recently we re-launched our new and improved Play & Learn program – a series of educational booklets that are exclusive to Wee Watch. We gathered a team of childhood experts, 3 Ontario certified teachers, 2 RECEs, 1 Pediatric Occupational Therapist and a Child and Youth Worker to update and design our new program with the goal of kindergarten readiness in mind! These books are given to your children quarterly, they give your child the opportunity to develop their literacy, numeracy, fine motor, science, and social studies skills.

Children aged 12 months to 24 months will receive a Wee Beginner Kit! The kit contains several tactile items that in combination with programming given to your Provider will encourage their early development. The goal of this program is to engage our youngest learners in stimulating, purposeful and targeted play exercises. They will begin to develop awareness of letters, sounds, counting and the world around them through a variety of experiential activities.

Our goal is always to provide the highest quality of childcare and we believe continuing to enhance our program does just that!


Gillian & Brad,

“Elias has changed so much in such a short time, he engages in conversation now about his day and I feel like he wants to show he’s a big boy now too. Atticus is doing very well at school. His teacher is very impressed with his letters and he’s the only JK in his class who can write their own name! She said he has sophisticated sentences and is very engaged in learning. We’re very proud and thankful for his time with his Provider Jacolyn and her hand in developing these critical skills for him. Thank you for your continued involvement and care for our children.”



“Melissa is fabulous and I felt very comfortable with her taking care of Ryder everyday. She is an excellent Provider. I appreciate everything she has done for Ryder and he loved being there everyday. He was well taken care of and I have never had any concerns. I will give a reference at anytime in regards to Melissa and how great she is.”



“In a field where compassion, patience, and kindness are a necessity, Arpana stands out as an exemplary daycare Provider. She welcomes toddlers that are developing differently and require special care and attention. I speak from experience, as my son is one of these children; after his Autism diagnosis Wee Watch matched him to Arpana, a nurturing daycare. Without Arpana, my son would not be thriving as he is today. She has made a difference in his life- truly, in my entire family’s lives – that will remain with us throughout all our years.”



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