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Since 1984, when Wee Watch first opened its doors, it has proved to be an exceptional, trusted, licensed child care organization. More than 30 years later, we continue to teach and inspire each child in our care and deliver quality licensed care at affordable prices for the families that make up our communities.

Wee Watch believes in helping children grow to be the best that they can, by providing them with:

A Feeling of Belonging: Wee Watch homes allow every child to have a sense of belonging when he or she is connected to others and contributes to their world.

A Feeling of Well-Being: Wee Watch homes allow every child to develop a sense of self, health and well-being.

A feeling of Engagement: Wee Watch homes allow every child to become an active and engaged learner who explores the world with body, mind and senses.

A Feeling of Expression: Wee Watch homes allow every child to become a capable communicator who expresses himself or herself in many ways.

Subsidized child care is available. Rates are based on the hours of care that is needed per day and the age of the child. Contact us to find out more.


wee watch provider profile theresa

With us for over 6 years, Theresa always has a positive word and a welcoming demeanor to all that cross her path. She creates an inclusive and safe environment for children to grow in.

wee watch profile provider jackie

Jackie has been with Wee Watch since 2014, and in the childcare space for over 26 years. The parents that have gone through her program will tell you that long after the children have left her care, Jackie is still a part of their lives. There is a sense of family that is created.

wee watch profile provider dorothy

Dorothy joined our Wee Watch family 4 years ago. Families are immediately drawn to Dorothy because of the warm and inviting atmosphere she creates. There is always a smile on her face and her creativity keeps the daycare children in suspense each day. They arrive eager to participate in her program. Dorothy has a natural talent when dealing with children and it shines through in everything she does!

Wee Watch Rama Profile

Rama joined our team just over a year ago, but that does not lessen her qualifications! Each morning she greets families at her door and they are confident that while at work, their children are getting the royal treatment. From amazing home cooked meals to incredible creative programs and the love that each child needs to grow!


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Parents and childcare Providers have been choosing Wee Watch, a licensed home childcare agency for 35 years because they know that we have the best interest of children at heart. From ensuring safe homes to our much loved Wee Learn educational programs and experienced, professional support, Wee Watch has been a trusted and reliable childcare partner.

Parents, Providers and Children love our educational programming – it sets us apart from other home childcare options. Our Wee Learn and Together Wee Can programming are designed by a childcare expert and delivered to every child in our program. All our educational materials are tailored to meet the learning needs of each child. From infants and toddlers up to school agers, our curriculum encourages learning through play!

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The Provincial government is close to signing a new Daycare deal, making childcare more affordable to parents, and that deal will require parents to select a licensed daycare solution, like ours!  Not all licensed offerings are equal – we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of care.  Affordable should not mean your child doesn’t experience the best.  Learn more about why Wee Watch has been the choice of parents since 1984!



“Our Provider Misbah is doing a great job caring for my daughter. It has been 3 months since Niya started with Wee Watch. There was lots of crying in the beginning, but looking at the progress she has made and Misbah has a SIGNIFICANT role in that. We are seeing Niya’s happy face when dropping and picking her up. She is eating, playing and sleeping well. Pictures and videos Misbah sends also help me see how comfortable Niya is with her and the other kids. I appreciate all the effort Mishah is putting in to help my daughter adjust and grow! KUDOS TO MISBAH!”



“If we could give Shalini 10 stars we would!!  We can see our son’s growth and development every day!  When we see our son interact with the other kids, they are attentive, share with him and give him hugs when he comes and goes. It’s very nice to know that he is in a caring environment when he is not at home, we love that he feels as though it is his home away from home. Rest assured,  your little one will be in secure and safe hands, we recommend Wee Watch to anyone in need of a daycare. We also appreciate Pam for sending us monthly visit reports.”



“Wee Watch is an amazing organization. I placed my son with an amazing daycare provider that treats the kids like her own. Dee and Marcia were very inviting, professional and reassuring. I would recommend to anyone looking for care for their children.”



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