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Wee Watch is looking for someone just like you to become part of our team of childcare Providers! Wee Watch is a licensed home childcare agency that is in high demand with parents looking for safe, reliable, quality childcare. With 35 years of experience, there are many advantages to working with us including; financial, administrative and programming support. Our Providers love what they do – they work from home and make a difference in the lives of children and families in their community!


Personal & Financial Satisfaction
As a Wee Watch Child Care Provider, you are paid for statutory holidays, and the first week of a child’s illness. You will receive a regular pay cheque every two weeks for the children in your care. Wee Watch is responsible for collection of fees from the parents! You may also qualify for a $20/day Wage Enhancement government grant bonus!

Support Team & Resources
At Wee Watch, you are part of a professional childcare team. The agency staff is there to support you with guidance, equipment and program materials so you can provide the best quality care possible. Our Providers look forward to visits from our RECE Home Visitors each month to discuss any challenges, new milestones or to get new ideas to incorporate into their program.

Training and Personal Development
Wee Watch will provide initial training on our exclusive child care system and help set up your home to get you started. Providers receive manuals and reference materials and attend ongoing workshops to continue to build their child care expertise. There are also opportunities to network with other professional Providers as part of our recognition and appreciation program. We’re here to answer any questions you have about becoming a childcare Provider with Wee Watch.

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The Province of Ontario is close to signing a new childcare deal that will reduce the fees that parents will pay for childcare.  This is great news for families!  The deal will require that parents choose a licensed daycare program like ours!  We anticipate that the demand for licensed childcare will expand greatly as more families will be able to afford it for the first time.  We are looking for childcare Providers in our community!  There are so many benefits!


Providing safe, education, reliable, licensed child care in the Barrie Community

Jenniger R.,

“I came to know Wee Watch three years ago by chance from a radio ad. I was searching for employment with stability and creativity, and a place where I could make a difference to others while making a living for myself. So hence I have enjoyed working with and learning the art of child care. I say ART because it is a skill that needs guidance, balance, creativity and authenticity. Wee Watch supports alongside parents and caregivers to produce happy, busy children, a very nurturing start for our community.”

Jennifer R.

Wee Watch Barrie Provider Shanan


What is one word we would use to describe our Provider Shanan? AMAZING!! She has been a Provider in Barrie for over 16 years. Shanan provides loads of opportunities for learning and fun every day. She always does what she can to accommodate families in need and is always putting the needs of her Wee friends first! Over the years Shanan has had many children walk through her doors, from teeny babies right up to school age. Some families have stayed in care with Shanan from when their children were infants until they reach13 years! There just are not enough words to describe how lucky we are to have her on our team!


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