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Summer has arrived; the weather is warmer; the days are longer; school age children will be home… which means parents may be searching for ways to keep them busy and entertained all summer long.

Make the most of your summer with a “Summer Bucket List”. We’ve got a HUGE list of fun ideas to share with you to help you and your family create your own bucket list.

  1. Have a picnic in the park
  2. Host a sleepover
  3. Camp out in your backyard
  4. Have an outdoor movie night
  5. Attend a baseball game
  6. Build a sandcastle
  7. Make Canada Day shirts
  8. Create something beautiful using sidewalk chalk
  9. Run a lemonade stand with your children – you can donate the proceeds to charity!
  10. Dance in the rain. Have towels warming in the dryer for when you are done.
  11. Explore a neighbouring town you’ve never been to
  12. Go on a family bike ride
  13. Pick berries
  14. Go to a yard sale
  15. Go on a nature walk and learn about plants
  16. Set up a scavenger hunt for your children
  17. Eat your meals outdoors
  18. Fly kites
  19. Ride a Ferris wheel
  20. Bake something with fresh fruit
  21. Host a BBQ for your family & friends
  22. Run through sprinklers
  23. Have a family game night with snacks and prizes
  24. Go on a boat ride
  25. Visit a farmer’s market
  26. Visit a local farm or petting zoo
  27. Go to a drive-in movie
  28. Play mini golf
  29. Go camping
  30. Visit a local festival or fair
  31. Have slip-n-slide races in the backyard
  32. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores
  33. Grow a garden or plant some new flowers
  34. Play Frisbee
  35. Stay up late and star gaze, watch for shooting stars
  36. Attend an outdoor music event
  37. Do yoga outdoors
  38. Visit a park that you’ve never been to
  39. Buy your kids a treat from an ice cream truck
  40. Volunteer as a family for a local charity or community event
  41. Unplug for one full day (no TV, computer, tablet, or cell phone)
  42. Visit a local pond and feed the ducks
  43. Attend story time at your local library
  44. Make a refreshing smoothie
  45. Hunt for bugs
  46. Blow bubbles
  47. Look for shapes in the clouds
  48. Watch fireworks
  49. Visit a water park
  50. Build a fort
  51. Tour the fire station
  52. Play catch
  53. Make shadow puppets
  54. Take a mini road trip
  55. Have a build your own pizza night
  56. Go on a hike
  57. Go fishing
  58. Watch the sunset
  59. Read at least 10 books
  60. Make a summer scrapbook
  61. Play soccer
  62. Learn something new
  63. Make homemade popsicles
  64. Try 5 new foods
  65. Take a nap outside in the shade
  66. Go on a family picnic
  67. Play Hopscotch
  68. Jump rope
  69. Try a new restaurant and eat on the patio
  70. Paint rocks for the garden
  71. Visit a water park/splash pad
  72. Have a rubber duck race
  73. Eat watermelon
  74. Set up a sundae bar with all the toppings
  75. Tie dye shirts

Work your way through your list to make this the best summer! The list will give children something to look forward to and they will enjoy crossing things off as they go.