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You love children so you’ve decided to start your own home daycare. Becoming a home childcare Provider and running your own daycare can be a rewarding career…

  • You’re in charge of your earning potential.
  • Have tax benefits of operating your own business.
  • Allows the opportunity to stay at home with your own children.
  • You are offering a valuable service to your community.
  • Doing something you love will never feel like work!
  • Preparing to be a home childcare Provider requires a lot o organization and attention to detail. You have 2 options to consider – working privately on your own or with a licensed Home Daycare Agency.

Working as a Private Child Care Provider

When you are working on your own, you are responsible for ensuring a safe environment.

  • Your home – Is it child safe? Do you have the right insurance? Are you using approved equipment and toys?
  • How will you keep children active and engaged?
  • Working on your own what will you do – In an emergency, become ill or want to go on vacation?
  • Balancing your business admin and childcare – There are administration and financial requirements – collecting parent fees, issuing tax receipts, marketing etc.

Private Providers cannot be licensed and new government regulations require you to inform, parents you are not licensed.

Working With a Licensed Home Daycare In Ontario like Wee Watch

In Ontario, only an agency can be licensed. Wee Watch is a licensed child care agency that exceeds many standards required by the Ministry of Education to ensure a safe, educational, fun experience. Working with Wee Watch, Providers are supported by experienced staff so they have more time to focus on caring for children without the added worries.

Some highlights of what Wee Watch takes care of…

  • Home Safety. Childproofed with appropriate insurance, training for emergency situations, approved equipment provided.
  • Support & Training. Back-up Providers in case of illness or vacation, administration, free workshops, opportunities to network with other Providers, and they bring business to you!
  • Resources & Materials supplied. Receive training, guidelines and materials for activities and educational programs.
  • Guaranteed Pay. Providers are paid every 2 weeks, statutory holidays and first week for child with illness not in care.

If you want to run your own home child care, but don’t necessarily want to do it all on your own, then working with a licensed agency like Wee Watch, who has over 30 years of child care experience could be the perfect solution.

Look into a Wee Watch Child Care Career today, contact your local Wee Watch office or fill out an online application.