Weighing childcare options can be overwhelming, especially for a new parent. But you’ve done your research and decided that home-based childcare is the best choice for you…

  • A warm, friendly, home environment makes transition into daycare for infants and toddlers a little easier.
  • It’s a personal relationship with a Provider, who is usually a mom herself.
  • Low number of children in care allows for the right balance of individual attention and social interaction.
  • Can be more flexible with pick-up and drop-off times that work with your schedule.

Now you need to decide if you would like licensed or unlicensed home childcare, they may look the same but what a difference!

What you should know about licensed childcare in Ontario…

With home-based childcare, there are licensed agencies and private home caregivers.   Only an agency can be licensed, private caregivers that operate independently cannot be licensed and are not regulated or monitored.   Private caregivers must inform parents they are not licensed.

Being licensed means an agency meets strict standards and guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and are governed by the new Child Care & Early Years Act. These standards help to ensure safety and a positive experience for parents and their children. These standards apply to ratios of children allowed in a home, educational program requirements, and nutrition and home compliance.

Wee Watch is a licensed Agency that has been caring for children, parents and their Providers, for over 30 years. The Wee Watch childcare system not only follows the CCEYA standards, but also exceeds many of the requirements.   Here are a few highlights of key protocols Wee Watch follows as a licensed agency:

Skilled and Qualified Providers… Providers undergo an extensive screening process from medical, personal references and police record checks. They receive training on processes for emergencies or accidents, have child First Aid and CPR certification and receive ongoing workshops to update their skills.

A Safe Home Environment… homes must have appropriate play, sleep and eating space that conform to fire safety regulations; have child proof safety measures in place; using gates for stairs, securing a TV or wall unit, storing hazardous materials out of a child’s reach; only use approved equipment and play materials; ensure there is appropriate insurance coverage.

Supervised support & monitoring… as an agency, parents and Providers receive support from a team of experienced staff that include Area Supervisors and certified Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE). RECE’s conduct regular unscheduled visits to all Wee Watch homes, they check to ensure programs and standards are maintained, support Providers, and follow up with each child’s well being.

It’s about learning & having fun… Children have a daily routine of educational play-based activities, outdoor play, and rest time. They receive nutritious meals following Health Canada’s Food Guide and can accommodate special dietary needs. Exclusive to Wee Watch is the “Wee Learn” educational program. This was designed by childcare professionals and customized to be age appropriate, adapting to a child’s progress and growth.

Wee Watch has a network of homes across Ontario that allows parents to have more choices for childcare – locations close to home or work, compatible Provider personalities and a home set-up that best suits your child.

There is so much more to learn about the benefits of a licensed home childcare, visit www.weewatch.com