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Does your child love doing arts and crafts; are they always coming home from child care with a new work of art? As parents, we believe our child is an artist and every finger painting, macaroni collage or family portrait they make is a masterpiece and should be displayed for all to see.

One problem, there is only so much space on the front of the refrigerator. So how do you treasure all that artwork without overloading your house? We’ve gathered some great ideas to help you figure out what to do with the never-ending supply of masterpieces.

  1. Create an Art Wall: Choose an empty space on the wall and create an “art space”. Hang a clothesline or two on the wall and hang pictures using clothespins. Requires limited supplies and its easy to switch new ones in and out.
  1. Share with others: Explain to your child that others may enjoy their artwork as well. They can write a personal note on the back and mail it to their grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa will love getting something so personal in the mail.
  1. Make it the real thing: Once in a while select a special piece of art your child brought home and frame it.You can buy inexpensive frames in various sizes and colours and your child will love seeing their art hanging on the wall in a frame.
  1. Turn it into everyday items: Take a photo of your child’s artwork and turn it into something you use everyday, like a mug. These days you can turn pictures into mugs, shirts, aprons, place mats, playing cards, mouse pads etc.
  1. Make a calendar: Take photos of your child’s artwork all year long and create a photo calendar for the upcoming year.
  1. Supersize it: Scan or take a photo of the image and create a supersize canvas print of it and hang it in their room, no frame required.
  1. Make a photo book: Take photos of your child’s masterpieces and pictures of the artist and create a photo book that you can cherish forever and share with others. 
  1. DIY Artist Portfolio: Keep your child’s artwork organized with this DIY artist portfolio